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"Gardens of Life" - a poetic documentary shot on Super 8. Now in production.

Gardens of Life Poster (Var. #1)

"Gardens of Life" poster (Var. #1)

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Gardens of Life Poster VERSION 2 FINAL w

"Gardens of Life" poster (Var. #2)

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"Gardens of Life" is the new upcoming short poetic documentary film from Oskar Films. Currently in production in Southwest Florida, the film features four gardners: Darryl McCollough, Cathy Willard, Marsha Wikle, and Richard Zielinski and the beautiful gardens they've developed over the years.

The film is being shot entirely on Kodak Vision3 Super 8 film, which will give it a nostalgic look, reminiscent of the amateur films shot by families with Super 8 cameras in the 1960s and 1970s.


It is our hope that "Gardens of Life" will serve as a catalyst to get people back outside, as we enter our post-COVID-19 world.  Who knows? We may inspire you to try your hand at gardening.

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